Fuel efficiency: Prius SOV vs. SUV HOV

Briefly noted: The Skeptical Optimist: The Prius gas-guzzler vs. the SUV planet-saver
It is interesting (& amusing) to examine gas consumption per passenger, but again … data is not the plural of anecdote. The question is what is the overall auto occupancy of different vehicles. I am dubious that the SUV is in general more fuel efficient, but will be persuaded by analysis of data … which someone should do. Lots of it is here .

5 thoughts on “Fuel efficiency: Prius SOV vs. SUV HOV”

  1. Re: Your Prius vs Ford Expedition Comparison You are simply not comparing apples to apples. If the soccer mom were driving a Prius, she might deserve some kind of award.

  2. If soccer mom (or hockey dad) were driving a slew of kids in a small hybrid car, they would deserve an award; on the other hand, it is not terribly likely they would use more gas than if they carried the same brood in an Expedition. No moral judgements, just empirically testable hypotheses.
    — dml

  3. The 5 in the Explorer would not be too tight in my 05 Prius, and soccer gear in the hatch. Wouldn’t work for a rock group and their gear, but Explorer wouldn’t either. The Explorer puts out tons more carbon emissions–Prius 3.4 per year says epa and Explorer twice that.

  4. You make an important point that should be remembered when we pickup that rock to throw at someone else. An Airbus 380? (the new super jet) gets 80 miles per gallon per passenger fully loaded with over 500 passengers, but I don’t think I want to drive one of those beasts to the corner deli. Of course, most of us drive with only one occupant, or at most 2, which makes the Prius the clear winner.

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