Study says Blue Line’s development impact is minimal | Star Tribune

Adam Belz in the Star Tribune writes: Study says Blue Line’s development impact is minimal, discussing a recent study by Sarah West and Needham Hurst of Macalester. I get quoted:

“My first sense is the Green Line is a better line,” said David Levinson, a civil engineering professor at the University of Minnesota. “It’s going to a denser area.”

Levinson said that the Green Line — and any subsequent additions to the light rail system — will also improve the value of land along the Blue Line, thus making it more ripe for development as the rail system grows and more people use it.

“That positive feedback system sort of kicks in, and it reinforces the growth,” Levinson said.

One thought on “Study says Blue Line’s development impact is minimal | Star Tribune”

  1. Major highway upgrades to TH 55 (Hiawatha Avenue) including the re-routing of the south end, were completed at the same time as light rail was added to the corridor.

    How would the researchers separate the affects of the two transportation modes for driving redevelopment. The improvement in accessibility may be greater for the automobile mode than for the transit mode.

    The Green Line also has a major automobile mode as University Avenue has been completely reconstructed as part of the transit project.

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