Peak Travel

An article in Miller-McCune on Peak Travel, following up on a paper by Adam Millard-Ball and Lee Schipper (who has a recent paper on the lack of “Peak Travel” in China in the most recent issue of the Journal of Transport and Land Use . We have discussed this idea before, noting that number of […]

Gas prices and fatalities

My colleague Guangqing Chi, now at Penn State, was interviewed this morning on NPR talking about gasoline price and fatalities. The paper he referred to is here: Chi, Guangchi, Mohammed Quddus, Arthur Huang and David Levinson (2013) Gasoline Price Effects on Traffic Safety in Urban and Rural Areas: Evidence from Minnesota, 1998–2007. Safety Science 59: pp. 154-162 I […]

The next big things for Minnesota in 2015 – Strib

Jesse Van Berkel writes in the Strib on transport in: The next big things for Minnesota in 2015 More idle cars With new bike lanes, rapid busways and expanding light-rail lines, commuters in the Twin Cities have more options than ever. Transit officials predict growing popularity of the Green Line, which connects downtown Minneapolis and […]

Highway Boondoggles | US PIRG

US PIRG just released “Highway Boondoggles: Wasted Money and America’s Transportation Future“. The report is very much in line with our Fix-it-First report, noting many new expansion projects that waste scarce funds,  not consistent with the actual needs for repair, and fly in the face of long-term “peak travel” trends showing declining use of the car […]

Mount Transit, Mount Auto, Mount Next

In the US, we have seen a great struggle play out in the twentieth century between what David Jones calls Mass Motorization and Mass Transit . The conflict between the modes continues to this day, and has become a morality play in the culture wars. While they mostly serve different markets, they compete for users, […]