Journal of Transport and Land Use Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

We are pleased to announce the release of the Journal of Transport and Land Use Vol 8, No 1 (2015), with two Special Sections, one on Trip Generation, edited by Susan Handy,  the other on Paratransit, edited by David King

Table of Contents

Special Section: Trip Generation

Susan L Handy
Kelly J. Clifton, Kristina M. Currans, Christopher D. Muhs
Adam Millard-Ball
Miguel Jaller, Xiaokun (Cara) Wang, Jose Holguin-Veras
Robert James Schneider, Kevan Shafizadeh, Susan L Handy
Kristina M Currans, Kelly J. Clifton

Special Section: Paratransit

David King
Pablo Salazar Ferro, Roger Behrens
Andreas Neumann, Daniel Röder, Johan W. Joubert
Nicholas J. Klein
Jonas De Vos

Journal of Transport and Land Use 7(2)

Journal of Transport and Land Use Vol 7, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Special section: Innovations in location choice modeling underlying activity-travel behavior PDF
Darren M. Scott, Brian Ho-Yin Lee, Eric Miller
The role of location in residential location choice models: a review of literature PDF
Patrick M. Schirmer, Michael A.B. van Eggermond, Kay W. Axhausen
Integrating people and place: A density-based measure for assessing accessibility to opportunities PDF
Mark W Horner, Joni Downs
Temporal transferability of models of mode-destination choice for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area PDF
James Fox, Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess, Eric Miller
Spatial self-selection in land-use travel behavior interactions: accounting simultaneously for attitudes and socioeconomic characteristics PDF
João de Abreu e Silva
Location choice for a continuous simulation of long periods under changing conditions PDF
Fabian Märki, David Charypar, Kay Axhausen
A note on commuting times and city size: Testing variances as well as means PDF
Qian An, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore
A mode choice analysis of school trips in New Jersey PDF
Robert B Noland, Hyunsoo Park, Leigh Ann Von Hagen, Daniel G. Chatman


A vehicle ownership and utilization choice model with endogenous residential density PDF
David Brownstone, Hao (Audrey) Fang
Network structure and metropolitan mobility PDF
Pavithra Parthasarathi


Journal of Transport and Land Use 7(1)

JTLU Header Image

Journal of Transport and Land Use 7(1) is now out:

Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Does travel behavior matter in defining urban form? A quantitative analysis characterizing distinct areas within a region PDF
Cynthia Jacques, Ahmed El-Geneidy 1-14
Railroad impacts on wetland habitat: GIS and modeling approach PDF
Subhro Mitra, Achintya N. Bezbaruah 15-28
A multi-agent planning support system for assessing the role of transportation and environmental objectives in urban planning PDF
Rachel Katoshevski, David Katoshevski, Theo Arentze, Harry Timmermans 29-42
Generating French virtual commuting networks at the municipality level PDF
Maxime Lenormand, Sylvie Huet, Floriana Gargiulo 43-55
The interaction of spatial planning and transport policy: A regional perspective on sprawl PDF
Veronika Kulmer, Olivia Koland, Karl W Steininger, Bernhard Fürst, Andreas Käfer 57-77
The influence of transport infrastructures on land-use conversion decisions within municipal plans PDF
Miguel Padeiro 79-93
The influence of urban form on car travel following residential relocation: a current and retrospective study in Scottish urban areas PDF
Lee Woods, Neil Ferguson 95-104
A brief introduction to London’s underground railways and land use PDF
Nathan Darroch 105-116

WSTLUR 2014 Registration

Delft castle

The World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) will be held in Delft, The Netherlands from June 24th to June 27th 2014. In addition to three prominent keynote speakers the symposium includes 109 presentations of peer reviewed original articles. The symposium program can be found here.

In addition to the presentations and keynote address the symposium includes a variety of activities.

  1. A pre-conference tour of Amsterdam on the 23rd of June 2014.
  2. At the end of day one (24th of June 2014) three parallel activities will take place, A book club, land use modeling workshop, and open source accessibility workshop. Details regarding these activities can be found in here.
  3. At the end of day two (25th of June 2014) four different land use and transport technical tours are organized in parallel by the local host. Details regarding the technical tours can be found  here.
Delft castle
Delft castle

Symposium registration is now open at the following link. Please note that early bird registration ends on May 1st 2014.

Details regarding the venue and accommodation can be found here.

Details regarding some travel tips can be found in here here.

Looking forward to seeing you at Delft in June.

WSTLUR Registration

WSTLUR Registration is now open.

The World Symposium on Transportation and Land Use Research (WSTLUR)  will take place in Delft, The Netherlands from June 24th to 27th, 2014. We are glad to welcome you.

During your stay, you will be attending and participating in four days of presentations, workshops, technical tours, and networking events. You will be meeting over 100 colleagues, working in the field of land use and transport.

The symposium is hosted by Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The organization has blocked rooms in 3 hotels in Delft with a 10% discount for WSTLUR delegates; the rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. The registration fees include membership to the World Society on Transportation and Land Use Research. In addition to light breakfast, coffee breaks, lunches, one conference dinner, programme book, and participation in one of the technical tours. Moreover, an optional pre-conference tour on own expense is organized on Monday June 23.

If you have any questions on the contents of the symposium, contact Kees Maat, or one of the other members of the organizing committee. For questions on issues like registration, hotels, and payments, contact Eveline Vogels of the Congress Office,

We look forward to seeing you in Delft!



On behalf WSTLUR organizing committee

Kelly Clifton, Ahmed El-Geneidy, Karst Geurs, David Levinson, and Kees Maat


Submissions of full papers to the World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) to be held in Delft (June 24-27, 2014) were due on November 30 (with few extenuating exceptions). The announcement was made many months ago. Below is a graph of the rate of submissions by day. We have to date 130 submissions. It always amazes me how people work up to the deadline, even with the US Thanksgiving holiday smack dab in the middle of the deadline. (One could fit a very nice reverse hazard curve to that).


Journal of Transport and Land Use 6(3)

Journal of Transport and Land Use Vol 6, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents

Information, communication, travel behavior and accessibility PDF
Bert van Wee, Karst Geurs, Caspar Chorus 1-16
Making accessibility analyses accessible: A tool to facilitate the public review of the effects of regional transportation plans on accessibility PDF
Aaron Golub, Glenn Robinson, Brendan Nee 17-28
The implications of and institutional barriers to compact land development for transportation: Evidence from Bejing PDF
Pengjun Zhao 29-42
Measuring transportation at a human scale: An intercept survey approach to capture pedestrian activity PDF
Robert James Schneider 43-59
A multidimensional decisions modeling framework for built space supply PDF
Bilal Farooq, Eric J. Miller, Murtaza Haider 61-74
The impact of weight matrices on parameter estimation and inference: A case study of binary response using land-use data PDF
Yiyi Wang, Kara M. Kockelman, Xiaokun (Cara) Wang 75-85

Book Reviews

Book Review: Triumph of the City, Edward Glaeser PDF
Max Good, Sybil Derrible 87-89

Journal of Transport and Land Use 6(2)

Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

The most recent issue of the Journal of Transport and Land Use is now available:

Table of Contents

Mobility, access, and choice: a new source of evidence PDF
David Metz 1-4

Special Issue: World Symposium on Transport & Land Use Research

Explaining walking distance to public transport: The dominance of public transport supply PDF
Rhonda Daniels, Corinne Mulley 5-20
Metropolitan smart growth centers: An assessment of incentive policies in four regions PDF
Richard D Margerum, Susan Brody, Robert Parker, Gail McEwen 21-32
Development of a temporal and spatial linkage between transit demand and land-use patterns PDF
Sanggu Lee, Mark Hickman, Daoqin Tong 33-46
Spatial modeling of bicycle activity at signalized intersections PDF
Jillian Strauss, Luis F Miranda-Moreno 47-58
Modeling the land-use correlates of vehicle-trip lengths for assessing the transportation impacts of land developments PDF
Sivaramakrishnan Srinivasan, Russell Provost, Ruth Steiner 59-75

Please also remember WSTLUR is coming up, see the website for notices and deadlines.

We are also pleased that we are now posting “Forthcoming” articles at the website. Not too many yet, but more are coming and we are hoping to clear the backlog soon.

Call for Papers: World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research 2014: June 24-27, 2014 in Delft, the Netherlands

Call for Papers

World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research 2014

June 24-27, 2014 in Delft, the Netherlands

About the Symposium

We are pleased to announce the 2014 meeting of the World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research (WSTLUR) to be held in Delft, the Netherlands, June 24 – June 27, 2014. The conference provides a unique international forum for academics and practitioners at the intersection of economics, planning, design, engineering, and other relevant disciplines. The Conference is aimed at developing a better understanding of the interaction between the dynamics of land use and transport, with an emphasis on the way in which the built environment can contribute to more sustainable transport in a rapidly changing world. Papers are welcome on a wide range of topics covering all modes of transport, both passenger and freight transport, at all spatial scales.

The Delft University of Technology hosts this conference in the bicycle friendly city of Delft in the heart of the Randstad Holland. In addition to the technical program, the conference provides a day tour through parts of the Randstad, including transit-oriented development in the city of The Hague’. Hotel rooms are pre-booked in the historical city center; within walking distance of the university campus (public transport is also available).

In addition to presentations based on peer-reviewed papers, the conference program will include confirmed plenary presentations from:

  • Glenn Lyons (Professor of Transport and Society, University of the West of England, and founding Director of the Centre for Transport and Society);
  • Patricia Mokhtarian (Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology effective August 1, 2013); and
  • Bert van Wee (Professor in Transport Policy ,Delft University of Technology, faculty Technology, Policy and Management).

Submission of Papers

WSTLUR seeks papers on the interaction of transport and land use. Welcome domains include: engineering, planning, modeling, behavior, economics, geography, regional science, sociology, psychology, health, architecture and design, network science, and complex systems.

Original papers must be submitted electronically November 30, 2013 for consideration. Full papers should be uploaded for peer review at prior to midnight (Pacific Standard Time) in the above mentioned date. See for more details related to the conference.

All papers accepted for WSTLUR will be considered for publication in the Journal of Transport and Land Use.

WSTLUR welcomes all papers on the topic of transport and land use. In addition to this general call, special calls are listed below in alphabetical order.

  1. Accessibility Analysis and Evaluation, led by Karst Geurs (; University of Twente) and Ahmed El-Geneidy (; McGill University). This is a special session on accessibility modeling and analysis organized by NECTAR (Network on European Communications and Transport Activities Research) Cluster 6 and WSTLUR. Although accessibility analysis has evolved from simple calculations to complex and detailed methods at fine levels of spatial resolution, there are many outstanding questions on accessibility analysis and modelling – and its practical use in transport planning. We particularly welcome papers on the use of accessibility measures in impact evaluations of transport investments, e.g. economic and social impact assessments, also in the light of network vulnerability and resilience issues.
  2. Active Transport and Land use: led by Kevin J. Krizek (; University of Colorado Boulder). Ideal papers for this special issue will explore detailed aspects of non-motorized travel and its interface with existing transport networks and urban form, policy, or other relevant dimensions of travel behavior or health. Selected papers from this session will be included in a special issue of JTLU. See the WSTLUR paper submission web page for detailed instructions.
  3. Children and Youth Transport and Land Use Theory, Method and Applications: Led by Ron Buliung (; University of Toronto) and Raktim Mitra (; Ryerson Univeristy).. A broad call for papers intended to draw attention to the connection between children and youth mobility and land use/ built environment. We invite international research focused on theory, innovative survey methods and applied research.
  4. Empirical Studies of Automobile Parking and Travel: led by Dan Chatman (; University of California, Berkeley): The strong influence of the supply and cost of automobile parking on automobile use is both intuitive and theoretically well-established. But there have been fewer empirical studies of how on-street and off-street automobile parking affect auto use or the use of other travel modes. A related issue is whether built environment characteristics like density, diversity, and design have been ascribed influences upon travel that are actually due to variations in the supply and cost of parking, Ideal papers for this special issue will address any aspect of parking supply as a built environment characteristic and its empirical relationship to travel patterns, or novel theoretical relationships that have not already been established in previous literature.
  5. Integrated Land Use and Transport Models: led by Zachary Patterson (; Concordia University, Montreal). The past two decades has seen the development and application of increasingly advanced integrated transport and land-use modeling systems. Papers on the application of these models into emerging areas (e.g. social equity), innovations in submodels of these complex modeling systems and their incorporation in the planning process are welcomed.
  6. Network Structure: led by David Levinson (; University of Minnesota), Stephen Marshall (; University College London), Kay Axhausen (; ETH Zurich), and Basil Vitins (; ETH, Zurich). The structure of transport networks depends on, and shapes both demand for travel and patterns of land use. Empirical and theoretical analyses of rules or grammars for generating networks and places, systematic characterization of networks, studies of the development and evolution of networks, comparative network analysis, and the relationship between network structure, land use, and travel behavior are welcome.
  7. Transit Oriented Development (TOD): led by Kees Maat ( TU Delft). TOD principles have been developed in metropolitan areas, in order to promote more sustainable travel behaviour. Papers providing empirical evidence and discussing implementation and governance issues are welcomed.

When submitting your manuscript please verify which session stream you are interested in.

Key Dates:

  • Papers Due: November 30th, 2013
  • Decisions for included papers: Early March 2014
  • Final Papers Due (subject to acceptance): Late April 2014
  • Early Registration Deadline: March 15th, 2014
  • Conference: June 24-27, 2014


For questions regarding the conference please direct them to