Traveler information causes delays

From SFGate: KCBS traffic reporter’s plane crash-lands; no serious injuries
“(06-30) 16:15 PDT OAKLAND — A small airplane carrying a traffic reporter for KCBS radio was forced to crash land in an Oakland rock quarry just south of the Interstate 80 approach to the Bay Bridge this afternoon, authorities said.
The pilot of the Cessna 172 suffered minor injuries and the reporter was unharmed when the plane touched down hard just before 1 p.m. at 2020 Wake Ave., near the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s wastewater treatment plant, said Oakland fire Capt. Melinda Drayton.
The 35-year-old pilot was treated at a hospital for a cut to his forehead. His name was not released. KCBS identified the reporter as Alan Brooks.
Motorists using a nearby off-ramp were delayed briefly.”

Machine Fecundity

From Kevin Kelly’s blog: The Technium
“A while back George Dyson sent along this note about the fecundity of manufactured items:
I had to park my car at [Seattle’s] SeaTac on Saturday-Sunday and this sparked a small epiphany. It now costs more to park a car at one airport than to rent one at the other end. To my twisted mind, this indicates that machines (taking the automobile as a benchmark) are now self-reproducing so fast we have reached a transition point where machines are cheaper than the empty space they fill.”

Too close to be bused to the neighborhood school

According to my local newspaper
The Bridge
” District transportation officials also eliminated some Pratt bus stops near the Glendale housing development, which is within the school’s walking zone. Isola said many of the new immigrants who live at Glendale don’t feel comfortable letting their children walk to school, however. “We’ve heard anecdotally that we’ve lost students there to other schools farther away that provide busing,? he said. “We’re hoping to restore some of those stops so we can get those students back.?”
The map of the distance is here:,44.968893,-93.219148&saddr=96+Saint+Marys+Ave+SE,+Minneapolis,+MN+55414+(Parents+in+Community+Action+Inc+(Pica):+Glendale)&daddr=pratt+school+55414&mra=pe&mrcr=0&sll=44.823173,-93.424879&sspn=0.372574,0.553436&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17

of course they could walk use local streets, it is literally 2 – 3 blocks away. So, if the story is correct, rather than walk with their children to the neighborhood school, parents would prefer their kids to be bused to a school farther away.

Ethanol death watch

From Treehugger: Ethanol Death Watch As Corn Prices Rocket

“John noted earlier that the floods on the Mississippi are going to wreak havoc on food prices this summer; They are not doing too much good for the ethanol industry either. According to Citygroup analyst David Driscoll, 3 out of 4 operating ethanol plants could be shut down in the next few months.
Earth2Tech counts 11 proposed plants that have been cancelled because financing was unavailable. As one expert on the biofuel scene said: “US ethanol producers are screwed.” ”

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