Voters seem to reject gas tax holiday pander

As even Paul Krugman notes: Talleyrand and the gas tax holiday
“I’m on record as saying that Hillary Clinton’s advocacy of a gas-tax holiday, while it wasn’t good policy, didn’t rise to the level of a crime.
Judging from last night’s results, however, it was worse than a crime: it was a mistake.”
If it wasn’t a crime, perhaps Clinton should suggest a “social security tax holiday”, to give taxpayers a break.

Third space play spaces

A nice article on The decline of the American lawn by Tom Vanderbilt in Slate Magazine.
Growing up in Columbia, we had neighborhood tot lots, with communal swings and slides and on-property playgrounds were discouraged if not banned by architectural covenants. Those tot lots were pikers by the community playground standards I see today in some parts of the Twin Cities, though down our street is again essentially a tot lot built on a parcel adjacent to the freeway (probably from land surplussed after freeway construction). Few houses in our neighborhood have the play equipment Vanderbilt decries. When lots are small, people need common space. When lots are large, this can be internalized to their own property. This is of course the fundamentally the same as the third space argument of Ray Oldenham’s The Great Good Place, where cities with smaller housing units have more common “third spaces”, while when people have larger houses, they have less need (and perhaps less opportunity) to get out.

Citizen’s League Mind Opener

I am talking (assuming my laryngitis disappears) tomorrow morning at the Citizen’s League. My job is to open minds:
Mind Opener & Policy Forum: Transparent Funding Options for Meaningful Transportation Choices” href=””>Upcoming Events > Mind Opener & Policy Forum: Transparent Funding Options for Meaningful Transportation Choices. My presentation will be posted online soon after.

New Town Center for Columbia

An article from the Baltimore Sun: Town aims to redraw its core
One suspects the newspaper article above is not terribly accurate or complete (“Retail and arts space, and possibly an international center for the study of small cities, would front the roadway, replacing the office towers that ring the mall complex area.” … will office really be replaced by art, maybe complemented, but not replaced), but it appears the General Growth Properties plan, which has gone through many iterations, finally begins to account for the Mall as the centerpiece of downtown, and tie it in rather than keeping it separate.
The Howard County govt plan is here (pdf).
My previous posts on Columbia are here, and here.
The meeting is tonight, alas it is not being webcast. The official website is here: Columbia Town Center

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